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SAHAYA Combo set of 2 Rudraksha Malas 5 mukhi Natural & Original Bead size 5mm for wearing/ japa purposes


  • Rudraksha mala set 2 for Men and Women
  • Simple and Basic Mala for daily use
  • Good for wearing in offices also
  • 108 + 1 mankas Rudraksha japa mala
  • Rudraksh is a powerful bead that is said to have miraculous properties, both medicinal and psychological chant with this 108 + 1 mankas Rudraksha japa mala and keep all your worries at bay.The Rudraksha bead mala has 108 beads and one extra to tie the entire string into one neat knot. Wearing it also protects you from falling sick and people with ailments recover faster. The hot elemental rudraksh cleans away your body.

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